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Super Budget Mix Strain Trim

$14.99 $549.99
Cannabis is a leafy green after all. If you’re looking to experience some of the benefits of CBD, this would be quite effective for you!…

*** 27% THC *** Chem Jack Trim

$14.99 $549.99
Chem Jack taste is a bit piney and leaves a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth for you to enjoy. You will be able to focus…

*** 34% THC *** Pink Death Trim

$14.99 $549.99
Pink Death will take you on an epic journey. This strain is well-known for its powerful body effects. Upon inhale, you will soon feel like you’re on…

***19.4% THC *** Banana Punch Trim

$14.99 $549.99
Banana Punch is an evenly balanced hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Banana OG with Purple Punch. This strain produces sedating effects that can be felt from head-to-toe. Banana Punch tastes like hazey berries with notes…

***24.1% THC *** Skywalker OG Trim

$14.99 $549.99
Description. An Indica-dominant hybrid cross of Mazar, Blueberry, and OG Kush, this cultivar comes from a clone originally bred by Darkheart Nursery with genetics from Dutch…

*** 34.7% THC *** Death Bubba Trim

$14.99 $549.99
Death Bubba, also known as "D Bubba," is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Death Star with Bubba Kush. The result is a pungent strain…